Breeding Stock

 All of our purebred breeding stock that is over a year old is:  ​-- Registered with the National CVM Conservancy, (American Romeldale/CVM Registry, ARCR), the only registry for purebred CVM Romeldale sheep, which stated objective is to "promote and preserve purebred CVM/Romeldale sheep that are strictly verifiable through Eidman/Sexton lineage using herd/sire books of ARCR, which is the original and oldest registration book available for reference." -- Tested for fiber diameter -- Tested for scrapie resistance (at codon 171) -- Free of Ovine Progressive Pneumonia (OPP) -- Selected for fleece quality, structural correctness, mothering ability, and parasite resistance. As our flock grows, we will probably increase our selection criteria.  ​The breeding stock we have for sale varies year to year and is heavily dependent on what new goals we have for our flock. Please contact us to receive more information on what sheep we currently have, as well as pricing. 

Most of our ewes are quite prolific, producing twins or triplets and managing to feed them all!



 Now selling beautiful 2015 lambs and adult ewes and rams for breeding. Varied color patterns, both in black-based and moorit animals. Check with us for details and pricing! 

 From left to right, a couple of our rams, a weather, and one of our guard llamas a few days after shearing.